You ready for the Journey of PA School? Lets find out!

My experience in the application cycles and hours of talking to admissions committees makes me uniquely qualified to share advice I wish I knew during the process. Below are the services I offer.


Is PA School right for you?

Do you really want to go to PA School for the right reasons? I offer 1 on 1 session to help you determine that answer. If you are on the fence and/or really want to go to MD or DO school but are settling for PA school, admissions committees will be able to sense that very easy. This service is to help you save money and time going through the process if you are not 1000% committed. $45 per 30 min Session.


Application Process

At this point you are 1000% behind your decision to go to PA School but what is next? Do you have all your Pre-requisites done? How does CASPA work? Which schools/how many schools should I apply to? All these questions and more will be personalized to you. $50 per one hour session.



For the interview process I offer 1 on 1 mock interviews to hone your interview skills and polish your answers to make sure you are sharp. $100 per one hour session Mock interview.


Final Steps

Congratulations- you have been accepted and possibly lucky enough to get accepted to multiple schools- Which one do I choose? Which one is right for me financially/personally/ sets me up best for success. I also offer advice on how to thrive in PA school. $25 per thirty min session.

All inclusive

Includes Pre application, Application, Mock Interviews, and Finding the right fit school.


5 hours Mock Interviews


Mock interviews




How it works:

Shoot me an email via the contact section on what you are interested in and when would work best for you. I will respond within a few hours and At the time of the Appointment use the paypal links to pay.

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