Case Study-Physician Assistant School Interviews

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Why do you want to go into medicine?

Mine happened when I was 8 years old, I had a take your kid to work assignment. My father was an eye surgeon and I went into his office for post op. My father and I walked into the patient room of an elderly frail man who my father recently did surgery on. The man struggled to stand up, started crying, and shook my fathers hand and said “thank you doctor, I can see again, I have not been able to see in 20 years. As an 8 year old I understood the gravity of what my father did and I knew the Medicine was what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

This was my reason why medicine and goes beyond the generic “I want to help others” and answers the question Why medicine. The answer “I want to help others” is too broad an answer-an interviewer will follow up with why not social work, nursing, or counseling? My answer eliminates anything other than a healthcare provider. I will help you find and polish your answer.

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Physician Assistant School Admissions is a game of numbers

This following quote from a student representative on an admissions committee has not been fact checked but his intent behind it is 100 percent true. ” Only 1% of the worlds population goes to college, 40% of that attempt to take organic chemistry, 30-40 percent of those people pass it with a competitive grades, 15,000 of those people apply to a PA school that only only have 50 seats, if you are being interview you are already one of the elite of the elite. If you make the interview process and do not get accepted you should not give up. Interviews are only offered to those who the schools feel they can already offer a spot to. Who gets in and who does not is splitting hairs at that point.”

I one thousand percent agree with this student. This was stated in 2013 and still holds true today. I can help polish your interview answers via mock interviews to help you stand out to increase your chances.

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